SID chip music recordings made using Hardsid Quattro

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SID chip emulation is pretty good these days, but you can't beat the real thing. Thanks to the Hardsid Quattro you can have four SID chips on one soundcard, and this is what I'm using to make recordings of my favourite SID tunes. Being able to utilize 2-4 SID chips at the same time, I've experimented (in previous incarnations of this site) with stereo recordings and the combined mono output of four chips (same type) in an attempt to produce an 'average' of the SID sound (chips of the same type often sound different).

Now I'm doing things slightly differently. My Hardsid Quattro is fitted with two 6581s and two 8580 SIDs. For a tune made with a 6581 SID you would normally want to play it back on the same type chip (obviously), but I found that combing the output of two correct SIDs and one 'wrong' SID gave the right sound with something extra. Using an 8580 SID on a 6581 tune doesn't usually sound bad...just different.

So for 6581 tunes I record the combined output of:
  6581 (2888 R4 AR)
 +6581 (1585)
 +8580 (3589 R5)

And for 8580 tunes I record the combined output of:
  8580 (3589 R5)
 +8580 (1088 R5)
 +6581 (1585)

Mild compression is applied to the recordings (Master For 16-Bit preset in Sound Forge). I'm happy with the final results, but like most things it comes down to personal preference. You can have a listen by downloading the recordings in Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) format.

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